SPEAR ESRs will participate in the yearly consortium meetings. The first consortium meeting will allow the freshly recruited ESRs to introduce themselves to SPEAR investigators and the other ESRs. At the following consortium meetings, the ESRs will report on the progress of their research projects.

Kick-off Meeting (ONLINE) Donostia, Spain
4 March 2021
Consortium Meeting 1 (ONLINE) Grenoble, France
24-25 March 2022
Consortium Meeting 2 Gothenburg, Sweden
23-24 March 2023
Consortium Meeting 3 Hamburg, Germany
29 February – 1 March 2024
Consortium Meeting 4 (Final meeting)Donostia, Spain
February 2025

Focus Topic Sessions 

SPEAR will organize 5 Focus Topic Sessions (FTS) with lectures and seminars in key topics related to Spin Orbitronics. The core of each FTS will be made up of lectures given by SPEAR key scientific staff. Visiting scientists will give complementary lectures. Each FTS will be locally organized by a different beneficiary organization, and will have a duration of 1.5 days.

FTS1: Spin-to-charge conversion Grenoble, France
21-23 March 2022
FTS2: Spin-orbit torques Leuven, Belgium
3-7 October 2022
FTS3: Spintronics for beyond CMOS Gothenburg, Sweden
20-22 March 2023
FTS4: Topology in condensed matter Halle, German
26-28 September 2023
FTS5: Skyrmions Hamburg, Germany
26-28 February 2024

Special Training Sessions

The SPEAR consortium considers that training in transferable skills is of primary importance for increasing the ESRs’ employability and will accordingly devote a significant effort to implement an all-inclusive and comprehensive training in topics that are complementary to the scientific and technological training acquired by the ESRs through their research at the host and secondment institutions. SPEAR will organize 5 Special Training Sessions (STS) on transferable skills that will run in parallel with the FTS in order to optimize the time and resources. Each STS will have a duration of 1.5 days and will be composed of both theoretical and practical approaches. The content and methodology of each STS was defined by our expert partner, Skills 4 Science, who will be in charge of delivering the training in collaboration with other SPEAR beneficiaries and partners.

STS1: Ethics and science integrity and gender awareness in science Grenoble, France
21-23 March 2022
STS2: Speak about science- oral and written communication skills Leuven, Belgium
3-7 October 2022
STS3: Idea generation and entrepreneurship Gothenburg, Sweden
20-22 March 2023
STS4: Project management – from grant application to project closure Halle, Germany
26-28 September 2023
STS5: Career development and job opportunities in academia and industry Hamburg, Germany
26-28 February 2024

Participation in conferences

SPEAR ESRs will attend at least two international conferences over the course of the project. They are also expected to attend one edition of the European School on Magnetism (ESM), a yearly event organized by the European Magnetism Association (EMA). The mission of ESM is higher education of young scientists in the field of magnetism and spintronics, while promoting networking and creating effective links between academia and the industry. At the end of the project, ESRs will take part in the SPEAR Final Conference, an event aimed at disseminating project results.

European School on Magnetism (European Magnetism Association)TBA
SPEAR final conferenceDonostia, Spain
April 2025
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