SPEAR’s 2nd Training Event coming up!

The project’s second ESR Training event will take place next week (3-5 October) in Leuven, Belgium. Hosted by beneficiary IMEC, the training, as usual, will include scientific and soft skills training:

The subject of our second Focus Topic Session is Spin-orbit Torque, whereas the transversal skills training session, will focus on communication.

  • Special Training Session (STS2), delivered by Sofía Facal (Skills4Science, a partner company specializing in soft skills for scientists) written and oral communication in science:
    • Speak about science: oral communication skills
    • ESRs will have a chance to practice in front of their peers and receive guidance from Sofia
  • Focus Topic Session (FTS2) on spin-orbit torque including scientific lectures on
    • Spin-orbit torque fundamentals (Paul Noël, Spintec-CEA)
    • Materials for spin-orbit torque and magnetic tunnel junctions (Giacomo Talmelli, IMEC)
    • Field-free SOT switches (Kaiming Cai, IMEC)
    • 300mm SOT-MRAM integration and challenges (Sebastien Couet, IMEC)
    • Memory pyramid and place of non-volatile memory in the roadmap (Mohit Gupta, IMEC)
    • Circuit design for SOT-RAM (Julien Louche, Antaios)

Looking forward to meeting everybody again! See you in Leuven!

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