Work Packages

Work Packages

Research Work Packages

Work Package 1

New materials with large spin-orbit coupling with potential for fundamental effects and applications
To explore and identify the most suitable materials for spin-to-charge current conversion and spin-orbit torque.
Lead Beneficiary: MLU.

Work Package 2

Emergent effects induced by spin-orbit coupling
To study skyrmions and electrical control of magnetism, the most fundamental part of this project.
Lead Beneficiary: UHAM.

Work Package 3

Spin-orbit based devices for logic and computing applications
To demonstrate the potential for beyond-CMOS of devices based on spin-orbit coupling.
Lead Beneficiary: CEA.

Work Package 4

Spin-orbit torque based MRAM memories
To optimize the performance of spin-orbit torque based MRAM memories.
Lead Beneficiary: ETHZ.

Dissemination and Management Work Packages


Work Package 5

Recruitment, training and career development
To implement the recruitment strategy of the ESRs in a transparent, fair and efficient way. Additionally, this work package aims at providing the highest quality training and mentorship available, enabling the ESRs to develop scientific, technical and transferable skills that will boost their career development and employability.
Lead Beneficiary: NGU.

Work Package 6

Dissemination, communication, public engagement, exploitation and sustainability
To implement the dissemination, communication, public engagement, exploitation and sustainability strategies and approaches, enabling the transfer of knowledge and results achieved within SPEAR to different target groups. WP6 will ensure that the SPEAR results and advancements will be sustainable beyond the project’s lifetime.
Lead Beneficiary: NGU.

Work Package 7

Management and Coordination
Coordination and management of the scientific and administrative activities of the Project (legal and financial aspects, communication within the consortium with the EC, organization of consortium meetings, quality control, risk assessment and management). WP7 will also cover the monitoring of the workload of the participating organizations and the compliance with the time scheduling and the training and research objectives, identifying any potential risks and deviation and implementing corrective measures.
Lead Beneficiary: NGU.

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