3rd ESR Training Event next week!

SPEAR’s 3rd ESR Training event is coming right up! Next week ESRs will get together in Gothenburg (Sweden) to attend this training hosted by SPEAR beneficiary NanOsc. Our students will have the opportunity to attend scientific lectures by world-renowned experts in spintronics and receive training in soft skills from SPEAR partner Skills4Science.

The subject of our third Focus Topic Session is Spintronics for beyond-CMOS, whereas the Special Training Session (transversal skills) session deal with idea generation and entrepreneurship.

  • Special Training Session (STS3), delivered by Sofía Facal (Skills4Science, a partner company specializing in soft skills for scientists) Idea Generation and Entrepreneurship:
    • Creativity and business ideas in the scientific field
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Setting up a business model
  • Focus Topic Session (FTS2) on spin-orbit torque including scientific lectures on
    • Probabilistic spintronics for beyond CMOS (Shunsuke Fukami, Univ. Tokyo)
    • Spintronic-Domain-Wall-Synapse-Based and Spin-Oscillator-Based Neuromorphic Computing (Debanjan Bhowmik, IIT Bombay)
    • Reservoir Computing with Spin Ice and FMR Spectroscopy (Jack Carter-Gartside, ICL)
    • Boolean spintronic logic gates and circuit benchmarking (Florin Ciubotaru, IMEC)
    • Spin-Wave-Based Ising Machines (Artem Litvinenko, Univ. of Gothenburg)
    • RF Spintronic Networks for Neural Nets and Neuromorphic Computing (Alice Mizrahi, CNRS/THALES)

Looking forward to meeting everybody in Gothenburg!

Edit: Check out Paolo Sgarro’s (ESR8) blog post about our week in Sweden!

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