At Chateau Sassenage

This week SPEAR’s first ESR Training (organized by Spintec’s Laurent Vila) took place at Chateau Sassenage, just outside Grenoble, France.

It was a great way for ESRs to finally get to know each other in person and meet some of the other project PIs–Laurent Vila, Jean-Philippe Attané and Fèlix Casanova–and the network manager, Elizabeth Goiri.

On Monday and Tuesday ESRs enjoyed interactive sessions on ethics, integrity and gender awareness in research, led by Sofia Facal of SPEAR partner organization Skills4Science, specializing in soft skills training for researchers. The sessions touched on

  • Ethics, Integrity and scientific misconduct
  • Gender Balance, diversity awareness and bias
  • Ethical leadership and motivation

On Tuesday and Wednesday experts in spintronics gave lectures on topics related to spin-to-charge conversion:

  • Nanomagnetism (Jean-Philippe Attané, CEA)
  • Spintronic Devices (Bernard Dieny, CEA)
  • Magnetotransport (Claire Baraduc, CEA)
  • Spin current generation (Olivier Klein, CEA)
  • the spin-Hall effect (Fèlix Casanova, NGU)
  • the Rashba-Edelstein effect (Laurent Vila, CEA)

And during the whole week we were also able to enjoy the region’s gastronomy…

On Thursday ESRs traveled home and SPEAR’s Supervisory Board met online to discuss the project’s current status and the upcoming goals.

On Friday the Consortium met online with Caroline Peters, the REA officer overseeing SPEAR, to present the project and to receive feedback on its implementation to date.

It was a productive week! Thanks especially to the organizers at Spintec-CEA.

See you all next time, in Leuven!

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