Meet ESRs 9 and 10!

Our two latest recruits, Sergio Leiva and Ismael Ribeiro, are our first from across the Atlantic! They will join Prof. Ingrid Mertig’s team at Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

Sergio Leiva is from Chile. After a Bachelor’s in Physics, Sergio completed his Master’s thesis, Spin Dynamics mediated by non-equilibrium electrons, from Universidad de Chile. In October he will embark on his PhD thesis on IRP9, Search for efficient spin-to-charge conversion based on the Edelstein effect, under the supervision of Prof. Ingrid Mertig.

Ismael Ribeiro, from Brazil, has a B.Sc. Physics from Federal University of Goiás and a M.Sc. in Physics (From the Keldysh formalism to spin drift and diffusion equation) from the Federal University of Uberlândia. Like Sergio, he will join the SPEAR network in October. His chosen topic is IRP10, Optimization of the skyrmion motion for racetrack applications, which will be supervised by Prof. Ingrid Mertig.

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