Latest Recruits!

We can now welcome three new recruits to our Poject! Introducing…

Nazareno Sacchi, from Italy. Nazareno obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physical Engineering at Politecnico de Torino and is currently pursuing a triple Master’s degree in Nanotechnologies for ICT in institutions in Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Upon completion of his MSc he will join IMEC (Belgium) as a predoctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. Arindam Mallik. The title of his research project (IRP6) is “Design-Technology Co-optimization techniques for enablement of MRAM-based Machine Learning hardware”.

Paolo Sgarro, also from Italy, studied Physical Engineering at Politecnico de Torino. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree he embarked on a master’s degree in Physical Engineering at the same university. He is now completing an internship at Spintec (France), where he will stay on as ESR8 to work on “Electric-field control of the spin-orbit conversion in Rashba interfaces” under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Philippe Attané.

Maha Khademi is from Iran. She graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Physics, and is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Condensed Matter Physics at Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran). She will soon join the swedish company NanOsc (Sweden), where she will work as a predoctoral researcher under Prof. Johan Åkerman’s supervision on IRP15, “Voltage controlled operation and mutual synchronization of MTJ-based spin Hall nano-oscillator chains and arrays for neuromorphic computing”

Get to know our new ESRs on our Researchers page!

Welcome to SPEAR, Maha, Paolo and Nazareno!

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