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Almost Midway!

July 5th will be exactly two years since I started my PhD, and I feel like everything passed by in the blink of an eye, and I have a lot to do in such a short remaining time. It’s been tougher than I expected, but I believe that the key is to stay focused and motivated. After all, a friend once told me that the PhD is not a plug-and-play journey, and it’s unreasonable to expect things to work smoothly!

Aside from these struggles, I’ve attended a workshop on 2D materials here in Gothenburg, organized by SIO Graphene. Although the topic is not related to my area of expertise, it was super useful to listen to people from industries in Sweden talk about their work, and the fact that it was a small workshop made it easy for me to talk and mingle with people and make connections with them, compared to a big conference. If I’ve bored you with my words, here is a fun game: Find me in the picture below!

SIO Graphene meeting in Gothenburg!

I’m getting ready for my secondment at IMEC, Leuven. I will start on July 1st and will be there until the end of September. Without question, it will be a great experience for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing Kaiquan and Xinyu there!

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