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Summer spent with the fellow ESRs

It was a nice summer that went by with ESR 10 (Ismael) and ESR 13 (Zhewen) spending part of their secondment in Hamburg. It was a mixed experience as Ismael is a theoretician and Zhewen is an experimentalist. It was very different for me to explain my experimental work to them and of course in the process it also helped me to learn more about my research by their smart and silly questions.

As it can be seen, the experiences were very enjoyable of the two ESRs. In the above image on the left, you can see Zhewen explaining the Berry phase for the 10th time on a beautiful U Bahn station. And on the right, we are having nice pizza while Ismael is running micromagnetic simulations on his phone!

Besides very good knowledge exchange, there was also food exchange. I think this is the most number of times I have eaten Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food in my life! I am surely gonna miss these two guys and am looking forward to meeting them again in Hamburg for completing the rest of their secondment!

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