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At the end of April, I paused my main PhD topic since I had to move in Imec (Leuven, Belgium) for my first secondment. This laboratory is full of Italians, so it is not difficult to feel immediately welcome. My main research focus is about the study of SOT-MRAM features and analyzing the role of the in-plane field in order to switch the magnetization state of the free layer. But it is not all about science! During my stay I had the luck of participating in the summer festival organized by IMEC with free food, alcohol and DJ set. I also participated in the team building event of this year consisting of paintball games.

During this period my daily supervisor was Van Dai Nguyen (see picture below). He helped me a lot by teaching me how to use the set-ups and to discuss the experimental results of my work. Fun fact, Dai was a previous PhD student in my group many years ago, so it has been a pleasure to talk with him also about my group and my current work in Spintec. I feel happy with this experience. In three months, I had the opportunity to learn (in depth) many aspects of the MTJs and SOT-MRAMs that I wouldn’t have learned by just reading papers during lazy days in Spintec.

I am glad to have had this opportunity and I would like to thank Dai for his constant supervision and patience.

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